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Week 3 – Organizing Kid’s Toys

Due to the three day weekend in which my husband was home, kids got sick, and I got sucked into a book I just couldn’t put down, I’m getting a late start on this week.  My to-do list completely went out the window, and I really didn’t get much accomplished.  It was actually rather nice.  But now it’s time to roll-up my sleeves and get back to work.

In my previous post, I had a little bit about dust mites.  I learned from an article that leaving your bed un-made actually helps kill off some dust mites.  So with warring visions of dust mites crawling in my bed and my mother telling me “always make your bed!”, I set out to find a way to leave my bed un-made without it looking un-made.  One of easygoingorganizer’s biggest fans (my sister — she’s required to be a fan) showed me a picture in the February edition of Better Homes and Gardens in which a bed is neatly pulled back to display the sheets, but still decorated with pillows and looking very “made”.  Here is my attempt to recreate this in my own room.  Please bear in mind that I had to make due with my own not-brand-new sheets and our old denim quilt (which we adore) as a throw, but I think the result was rather cute.

I hope that was un-made enough to kill off a few of those disgusting critters!

My dust-mite obsession aside, my task for this week is to finally get around to organizing my kids’ toys.  Currently, this is what they look like:

and this:

Clearly I have some work today.  First, I will be going through the children’s toys and getting rid of the broken and donating the un-played with.  My mother reminded me that she used to put away some of our toys when we were children and rotate them out every so many months.  Then, when she brought out the box that had been hidden away, it was like Christmas.  I am thinking I may start applying this to my own children’s toys.  I have some other vague ideas I’m working on — different storage solutions, labeling, etc.  While I’m researching (actually, scouring the Internet and various magazines for ideas to imitate), I would welcome any clever solutions from my readers (if there are any 🙂 — readers, that is).  I have a busy week ahead of me!


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I am wife to the world's nicest man, mother to four lively/intelligent/beautiful children, daughter to two incredible parents, sister to four amazing siblings, aunt to nine fun-loving nephews and two sweet nieces, friend, teacher turned homeschooler, runner and aspiring organizing maven. Most importantly, I am a woman of faith and unapologetically blend my faith and my God into all that I do because it is ". . . in Him we live and move and exist . . ." (Acts 17:28).

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  1. Bed looks cute!!!


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