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Kid’s Toys Done!

After considerable set-backs and way too many chocolate chip cookies (see previous post), I finally had my break-through and completed organizing the kid’s toy room.  What I had to get past was my magazine-perfect vision for what I wanted to accomplish.  I had to remind myself that my goal is to organize, not renovate and redecorate (although that would be nice — next year’s blog :-)).  In other-words, my goal is to set things up in such a way that it is simple for the children to clean-up their toys and keep them neat, and to do so using mainly what we already have for storage.  I may not have the Pottery Barn toy room, but I think I have achieved order.

The first obstacle I realized was simply the amount of toys the children have . . . really, how did they acquire so much!?  I went through and made some decisions about what they did and did not play with.  I threw away and boxed up to donate.   As I set about organizing what was left, I realized there were still more than could fit on the shelves & in the bins.  I made a third box.  This is a box I am keeping because it contains toys that are played with; but I have it hidden away.  In a few months, I will bring those toys back and rotate out some of the toys currently sitting on the shelves.  I was a little concerned about how this might work, but they haven’t even noticed there are toys missing.  In fact, when I brought them in to explain the new system, you’d think they’d been given all brand-new toys.

The next step was to label specific spaces.  I found printable label’s on Better Home’s and Garden’s site that were ideal for what I wanted to accomplish.  I also found pictures to represent each item I wanted to label, so that even my two pre-schoolers would be able to understand.  I used packaging tape to fix the label and picture to the assigned bins or cubicles.


For my fabric or basket storage containers, I placed the label and picture back-to-back, used packaging tape to “laminate”, then hole-punched it and used ribbon to tie it in a visible place.


I did leave a few bins un-labeled in order to allow them a few miscellaneous toy spots for quick pick-up.  Here is the final result!

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Mission accomplished, and it didn’t break my shoe-string budget.  I did purchase 6 new fabric cubes (buy 2, get 1 free) and some packaging tape, bringing my room make-over to $24 and some change.  Next stop . . . the linen closet!


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I am wife to the world's nicest man, mother to four lively/intelligent/beautiful children, daughter to two incredible parents, sister to four amazing siblings, aunt to nine fun-loving nephews and two sweet nieces, friend, teacher turned homeschooler, runner and aspiring organizing maven. Most importantly, I am a woman of faith and unapologetically blend my faith and my God into all that I do because it is ". . . in Him we live and move and exist . . ." (Acts 17:28).

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  1. Great idea tying tags on with ribbons! Seems so obvious but couldn’t figure out how to label my fabric bins! Thanks!

  2. So does it work? Are the kids putting the toys away in the correct bin?! I like the labels.

  3. Yes! Two days now and the toy room is still clean! I can’t believe it!

  4. GREAT job!!!! You are an organizer after my own heart! I am by nature, a walk by the couch and fix the pillows every time, a place for everything and everything in it’s place, kinda gal! 🙂 I am doing a post next month on our new Check in toy closet system: it involves checking in one basket of toys before taking out the next.

    ~Tonya from 4 little Fergusons

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