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Counters (Mostly) Complete — And My Next Project

Last week I attacked my kitchen counters, which were far too cluttered and had the tendency to become the catch-all for whatever.  After clearing the corner, I spent some time on the edges. They weren’t bad, but still needed some work. My biggest problem was my the wireless router for our Internet.  It sits on the edge with an ugly green cord and just looks out-of-place.

Laura, from Monkeys On My Back (a very fun blog, check it out), suggested a basket. I went to Target and bought and returned baskets twice. . . it was harder than I thought.  I finally settled on a basket I already have and use for a “miscellaneous-papers-I don’t-know-what-to-do-with-right-now” basket (my next project will be to do something with those papers :-)).

I still am not sure I love this particular basket here, and I would like to hide the cords a bit more, but it is better.

The other end of the counters I didn’t change much. My biggest problem area on this end was a recipe box that I continually shoved all my odd-shaped and printed-off recipes behind; it was quite unsightly.

I simply removed that pile of and placed it in a file folder. I have plans for a recipe binder, but that will be a project for another week.

I toyed with the idea of removing the toaster, but we use it frequently enough that I decided to keep it where it is. I think I may make a cover for it so it doesn’t look so toaster-y. 🙂 I have some decor issues I will be taking care of, but the counters are organized and I feel mostly satisfied.

This upcoming week I will be staying in the kitchen and taking care of my paper-work problem. My hutch, the purpose of which is supposed to be to hold and display my dishes, has turned into the place where we stash keys, nail polish, coupons, mail, books. . . anything that we just don’t want to deal with right now.  My plan is to create and organize a sort of command center for our family to deal with the paper-work and miscellaneous stuff problem; and to get my hutch back.

About easygoingorganizer

I am wife to the world's nicest man, mother to four lively/intelligent/beautiful children, daughter to two incredible parents, sister to four amazing siblings, aunt to nine fun-loving nephews and two sweet nieces, friend, teacher turned homeschooler, runner and aspiring organizing maven. Most importantly, I am a woman of faith and unapologetically blend my faith and my God into all that I do because it is ". . . in Him we live and move and exist . . ." (Acts 17:28).

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  1. nothing worse than a “toastery” toaster sitting on your counter! 🙂 you are rocking, girl! hugs – Kathryn

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