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Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

I’ve Finally Finished the Closet!

Spring has sprung, along with spring sports, spring vacation, spring visitors . . . to get to the point, I’ve neglected my blog and my current project for far too long. I finally finished organizing my daughter’s closet. Part of the project entailed moving her into her own room, which had been used for the play room.  This was her portion of her closet she shared with her brother . . .

. . .and this was the toy closet before we moved her in.

As I stated in another entry, my girl is a girly-girl.  She loves dresses and babies and anything pink. So before we moved her in, we painted it pink. . .

. . .very pink!  Here is what it looks like now.


I used one of my home-made storage bins for her off-season clothing.

I paired it with a pink tackle box her Grandma gave her for holding her treasures.  The other storage bin I placed inside the shelves of her dresser to hold her night-time pull-ups.

This is also her new shoe-shelf. It is right at her level, and we can close the door so they are out of sight.  I tried to keep her dresser mostly cleared, but placed two items: a small wooden box in which we store her barrettes and hair rubber-bands, and a headband/hat holder.

The headband holder was an idea I found on ipinterest’s blog. Check out her use of a vase here. I used my left-over fabric from my storage bin project and covered a plastic wipe container I ran through the dishwasher. The lid is remove-able so I placed some of her jewelry items inside, and it worked perfect for placing her little hats on top.

As I’ve discovered over and over in this organization process, the best organizing strategy is to get rid of what you don’t need. You simply can’t organize when you have too much stuff.  Here is the bag of donation items I pulled out of her drawers and closet.

YIKES! How does one so little already have so much?! It probably doesn’t help that I never say no to hand-me-downs. :-)

My project took me two weeks instead of one, but that’s life . . . and it is Easy-Going Organizer, after-all.  This week, while we enjoy our spring vacation I am taking a break from the heavy lifting and will be working on organizing my mass of recipes into a recipe binder. Happy spring!


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