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Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

A Season Master Schedule

My theme this week is time management. I am in an exceptionally busy season right now, and in order to fit everything into the 24 hours we are given, I need to have my time organized. A couple days ago I wrote about Marcia Ramsland’s “Monday Master List” tip. I gave it a try and I’m keeping it. It’s a great time organizing strategy. But, I decided I needed to go one step further and create a “Season Master Schedule”. This is an over-view of all the general activities I both need and want to accomplish throughout the week and the time I must or would like to allot to them. It is an over-view of the daily routine I would like to create for myself and my family. Most time-management “gurus” agree that establishing a routine is the best way to manage your time effectively. If you do the same thing at the same time over and over, it becomes habitual and you avoid the periods of wasted time trying to figure out what to do next.

I call it a “Season Master Schedule” because it involves activities that only last for a season, or a period of time. For example, right now I am entering a season of spring sports for my children, a spring musical they are also involved in, along with a seasonal work schedule for me. The master schedule I set up now will need to be changed when these activities end in a couple months.

I began with a list. I listed everything that must get done — the practices, my work-hour commitments, those things I cannot miss.  Then I added my wish-list of what I would like to get accomplished. At this point I kept things relatively general because what I am creating is just an over-view of what I want my weekly routine to look like.  Then, using a free print-out from I Heart Organizing (why create it, if someone else already has?) I started to plug in the must-dos in the time slots they must be done.


With that accomplished I started on my wish-list, beginning with my greatest priorities first. I tried to be realistic with how much time each activity would take and to even give myself a little do-nothing time (you never know what might come up). I had to concede that my wish-list may have been a bit too lofty and leave a few things out.  Here it is, my Master Schedule, a weekly routine as it will be for the next month or two.


Note that I wrote in pencil. I find that I never truly know how things will work until I’ve actually lived it. What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate as such to life. It is very likely I will have to erase and re-work things as I go. How do you organize your time? I’d love to hear your input!


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