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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fall Frenzy and a BIG Blessing

Fall is in the air, here in Idaho. The leaves have yet to start turning, but you can feel it. Everything feels a little more urgent, frantic even, as fall creeps nearer. The air is cooler, and yet the sun is more intense, as though it is giving us one last “what for” while our side of the earth slips away. The garden is slowly ceasing to flower, but vegetables are ripening daily and I am frantically trying to pick and can and freeze in every spare moment. The kids seem to know their days of sunshine are coming to an end and are outside every waking moment, along with the steady stream of neighborhood children that seem to make their way into our back yard each day. And to top it all off, school has started along with all the fall sports and activities that keep us running from place to place.

We are trying something new with our oldest son, who is now in 6th grade. While we continue to homeschool, he is attending the local middle school for band each day, then he heads back over there after school to run with the cross country team. I am suddenly seeing this young, confident, independent young man emerge. On his first day, I was so nervous I didn’t sleep the night before and thought I might throw up when I walked him in to complete his registration; he was completely calm. Now he is riding his bike to and from each day, taking care of all the little details I thought I would have to help him with, and of course immediately finding friends. He said to me yesterday, “Mom, I love homeschooling, but I kind of like going to ‘real’ school too because I got to talk to another boy about Jesus.” I almost cried. This is what it is all about!