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This past year has been a year of great internal struggle. Most of my struggle has focused around whether I am in the place I am supposed to be, doing what it is I am supposed to do, and making the decisions I am supposed to be making regarding my children. I believe that God has a correct path for each of us, and I am struggling with whether or not I am on that path. I have not yet figured it out. I still do not have complete peace. Yet, as I prayer through this, I feel there is one concrete thing I need to do to bring a little bit of steadiness to my seemingly uncertain situation — I need to get organized.

It has been three years since we have moved to this home, and three years where I really haven’t focused on getting things organized. I still feel like I am living in my “new” home, when I should be fully occupying it at this point.  To my shame, I have boxes of decor stuffed away in the closet – my walls and shelves remain mostly bare, save what is needed to function on a daily basis. My poor excuse is that it is the perfectionist in me. I don’t want to do something until I can do it “right”. I have visions of the perfect paint job, flooring, light-fixtures . . . But, it is time I start making this “new” home our true home.

As I enter a new year, I want to enter it with faith “. . . that He who has begun a good work in (me) will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6); I am not yet completed, and my answers will come in His time. I want to enter it with joy and contentment in my current circumstances, but with the willingness to change if that is what is required of me. And finally, I want to enter it with the resolve to organize (or re-organize) that with which I have been entrusted, and to complete what I have left undone for so long in order to create a place of comfort for my family.

I am returning to this blog to once more chronicle my journey to a place of order, and to provide myself with some accountability as I record my weekly progress. This week, I will be unpacking those forgotten boxes shoved under the staircase closet for far too long, and finally putting some holes in my walls, whether or not I like the paint job.

About easygoingorganizer

I am wife to the world's nicest man, mother to four lively/intelligent/beautiful children, daughter to two incredible parents, sister to four amazing siblings, aunt to nine fun-loving nephews and two sweet nieces, friend, teacher turned homeschooler, runner and aspiring organizing maven. Most importantly, I am a woman of faith and unapologetically blend my faith and my God into all that I do because it is ". . . in Him we live and move and exist . . ." (Acts 17:28).

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  2. I’m glad you’ll be emptying your boxes to begin living in your “new” home. I totally relate to waiting until you have the perfect vision (I do it too!), but once you begin organizing your home, I’m sure you’ll gain momentum and get more excited about the process. I’m excited to watch your progress! 🙂


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