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A Great Bathroom Idea

Some time ago, my sister texted me pictures of a project she and her husband had just finished.  It was so clever I asked her to send me pictures so I could share it here.  Christina and her husband have three of the cutest kids, 2 boys and a little girl.  The counter space in the kids’/guest bathroom felt cluttered with the basket used to store their toiletry items, and the single towel rack wasn’t working for the number of towels needed.



A simple solution took care of both these problems.  They cut and painted three boards (one for each child).  To each of these they added a towel hook, then mounted a 2″ pipe holder (we aren’t sure of the official name of the piece, but they found it in the PVC pipe section at Home Depot) into which they inserted a plastic cup (found at Target for $1.99 for a 4 pack).


Now there is a towel holder and a cup for each child’s toothbrush, toothpaste and fluoride.


Since guests also use this bathroom, they created another towel rack which they decorated with the kids’ handprints and mounted at a more adult level.


Now they have no more counter mess and room for everyone to hang a towel.  Thanks, Christina, for letting me share!