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School Room Finished

I admit, I’ve lost steam on blogging.  But I am trying to keep going because having the accountability really pushes me to keep going on all these house projects.  I completed the school room a couple weeks ago, but was negligent in posting.  Here is the completed, and much better product:

ImageTo help me, I used what I learned from organizing my pantry and created zones for the school room shelves and cabinets.  I have a few dream projects to add:  a chalkboard, a floor-pad to keep our tables and chairs from sliding all over, labels. . . but that will be for another day.  For now, we are completely functional, and more importantly, I can find what I need.

Next up: my bathroom.  Details later.


Organizing All Over Again

After an extended, extended, extended vacation from blogging, I’m back with a whole lot of organizing to do.  We have moved.  Not far, just the next town over so we can be closer to all the places our lives take us.  It was an insanely busy and exhausting Christmas vacation, and we have spent the past month slowly getting things together.  We have accomplished some order, going from this:

Kitchen 1

To this:

Kitchen 2

Yet, although we have emptied the boxes, there are a hundred little organizing projects to do.  It takes some time living in a place to figure out how best to function in it; to decide where I’m going to fold my clothes, the best place for my “junk drawer”, the most convenient place for my command center . . .

So, here I am, organizing all over again.  I’ve decided my first project needs to be my school room.  When you glance in, it doesn’t appear to be too bad.

School Room 1


The books are somewhat in order.  But if you turn the corner, it’s not so great.

School Room 2


It’s been a little difficult operating during our school day.  I’m still shuffling around trying to find all our supplies.  I am in love with my new school room.  All the built-in shelves are awesome, but I need to get organized so we can function more efficiently.