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Got 10 Minutes?

Not all organizing has to be labor-intensive.  With 10 minutes, I can peruse the online celebrity gossip, lurk on Facebook, stand around wondering what to do, sit (risky – I may not get back up), or I can do a quick and un-intimidating organizing task. It doesn’t take long for these 10-minute tasks to add up to some major organizing.  Here are some 10-minute tasks I am placing in my arsenal of things I need to/would like to get accomplished, so when I have 10-minutes I am armed with something productive to do.

(Image by Salvatore Vuono)

– Clean one shelf  — clean another one next time you have 10 minutes

– Throw away junk in the junk drawer

– dust a bookshelf (moving books and everything)

– go through one shelf on the bookshelf — organize and get rid of books you won’t read

– go through pens/pencils – throw away broken/unusable

– go through spices – discard expired

– get rid of expired make-up or what you no longer use

– toss expired skin care

– de-clutter nightstand drawer

– clean off top of nightstand (I have to do this regularly — just doesn’t stay clean!)

– clean out under the bed

– get rid of hair things you never use

– go through one bathroom drawer or shelf

– clear off top of desk

– go through one desk drawer

– de-clutter top of dresser — if it’s large or very cluttered, do one side at a time (left side today, right side tomorrow)

– clear out under the bathroom sink

– get rid of shoes you no longer wear

– get rid of jackets you no longer wear

– get rid of slacks you no longer wear

– get rid of tops you no longer wear

– throw away holey socks

– organize/de-clutter belts, scarfs, and/or ties

– go through wash-clothes, turn old ones into rags

– go through rags, throw away the really worn

– go through the shower caddy — get rid of the shampoo that has been sitting in there unused for a year

– get rid of cleaners you don’t use

– sort through one paper pile

I’ll be adding more as I continue organizing.  Have your own ideas of what you can do with 10 minutes?  Leave a comment.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I just tossed out all the holey socks in our house!!! I ended up needing more socks 🙂


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