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What I Did Today

I spent a large portion of today working on the school room closet.  Here is what I started with.

My little ones snuck in one day and pulled a lot of it onto the floor, but I made the rest of the mess myself. 🙂  This is where I stash all our books and supplies we use for our school year.  The first thing I did was pull everything out and start sorting.  I sorted by grade level specific items, then by subject for the areas that my students work on together (science, history, literature, Bible). I also sorted out the art and school supplies and took inventory of what I have, so I now know exactly what I need to stock up on when the “back to school” sales start.

This is where I ended today.

I placed all our books inside the cabinet according to grade level and subject area.

The floor is cleared, the shelves are sorted and I now know where everything is.

As always, when organizing, I downsize.  In addition to two tubs of garbage.  This is the box of books with which I am parting.

I have more to do.  I need to add labels to the cabinet and next week, we are moving the school room downstairs.  But today, I am tired and I am done.  I’ll update as I progress.


My Closet Challenge Inspiration

This week I’m working on my daughter’s closet. As I work out the details, I’ll share with you some that I’m using for inspiration.

This is obviously a boy’s closet from Better Homes and Gardens, but I love this clever idea using hooks for each day of the week! That would certainly make things easy for a child dressing him/herself.


The use of bins in this closet from Parents magazine on the top shelf is an idea I plan to use in my own organization. I love bins!

This closet from Young House Love is so much fun with a cozy little hide-away space.

From House of Turquoise, I love the incorporation of books, toys and clothing in one closet. I actually have one of these banners and hadn’t decided what to do with it. . . I may have to pin it over the closet.

Here is one from HGTV that is absolutely unreal! Have you ever seen a kid’s closet this perfect? Not in my house. 🙂 The colors and bins are just my girl’s style though. She is all about pink.  These are ideas I’m using to help me put her closet together. Do you have a closet you love? I’d love to hear from you!