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Organizing My Pantry – 30 Minutes at a Time

I have a rather large pantry and I’m still in a very busy season, so to make the organizing task more manageable I’ve decided to break it into small pieces. Tonight my husband is out of town, so I rented Season One of Downton Abbey, and attacked my basket of table linens. It was full and over-flowing; well past time to sort through, downsize and organize.  That is precisely what I did. There were table clothes that I never used, so they were placed in the donation pile. There were also a few things that didn’t belong in the basket and needed to be placed elsewhere.  I refolded, placed them according to size, labeled and placed them back on the shelf. A simple 30 minute project.  Behold, the “after” pictures.


Much better and the pantry is one step closer to being organized..