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Pantries to Strive For

Last week of insanity! Last week of soccer, Wednesday night church club, concerts, etc. Then life will calm a bit and I can get back to some organizing. In the mean time, while I’m trying to attack my pantry one baby-step at a time, I thought I would post some pantries I would like to emulate.

This pantry slide-show/article from Better Homes and Gardens is my nominee for most helpful. The slide-show details how to divide your pantry into zones for quick storage and use. Their suggested zones aren’t a perfect fit for my families needs, but zoning is definitely an idea I will be putting to use.  I also want to get one of those under-the-shelf-bread-storage-thingies (I’m pretty sure that is the official title).

This pantry from Burlap and Denim is full or clever storage ideas.  I love her use of baskets for her root vegetables. They actually look decorative stored in this manner. Another favorite feature is her re-use of her Costco popcorn containers to store snacks and grains.

From Lil Blue Boo come these hanging metal storage bins on the pantry wall. I have such a wall that could use some of these. Visit the link for a step-by-step tutorial for creating this look.

The wall of this pretty pantry from Amber Lane Living was created by Mod Podge-ing fabric to contact paper, then placing on the wall. Amazing! It would require a little more time than I am willing to dedicate to this project, but I’m hanging on to the idea for the future. 🙂 I also love all the glass/plastic storage containers. It gives the pantry a very uniform and polished look.

I will never have anything that looks remotely close to this, but I thought this picture posted on Buscut was too gorgeous not to share. I love the look of home-canning. To quote my sister’s comment on Pinterest, “If your cupboard looks like this one day, you are officially superwoman.” Any superwomen out there with pantries like this?

I want a decorative pantry door like this posted on Designer Dad. Sigh. Someday! 🙂

Last, thank you to Julie Loves Home for sharing her pantry makeover with me. Click the link to see her organization process from beginning to its lovely end. I love the large metal bins on the floor. I have some serious work to do!