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I am not a professional organizer.  I am not the world’s most organized person.  I am just a woman seeking to bring order to the home and family with which I have been entrusted.  As a wife and mother of four young children (three boys, one girl), I often find myself knee-deep in mess and chaos.  This blog chronicles my journey to organize our home and lives one week at a time.  From finally cleaning out the linen closet, to fine-tuning our budget, and assigning my children their chores; I’m leaving nothing untouched.  I call myself easy-going because, while I value order, I still find joy in occasionally “flying by the seat of my pants”, laughing when my ideas bomb, and leaving room for my kids to be kids — mess and all.  I hope my readers will follow me on my journey, share some ideas and laughs, and maybe pick up an idea or two to help in your own organizing adventures.

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  2. I can definitely relate to you and your desire to get organized. I also tend to hold onto too many things just in case I may ever need them and I also feel that I have that “Great Depression” mindset of hanging onto everything! I have been working toward trusting God more and letting go more so that I can create a life of peace and obedience to God. I am excited to follow your blog and your adventure!!! Many blessings to you! 🙂

  3. You may already know about this, but I thought of your blog when I saw these shelves…

    For the crafty, there are also cheaper ways to make a can organizer out of cardboard. Hope this is helpful. BTW, love your blog!

  4. Hi! I nominated you for the Inspirational Blog Award. Whenever I read your blog I want to go straighten things up, but I love that you’re not the over-the-top type of organized with labels on your sock drawer. Basically you’re the perfect amount of organized and clever and I wanted to let you know 🙂


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