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Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

Thrifty-tip Thursday

A lot of people in the  blogging world use those catchy, alliterated titles; so I thought I’d try one of my own. :-) “Up-cycling” and “Re-purposing” seem to be the latest craze. Everyone is finding creative uses for items we already have, in the name of being “green”. I have to admit, I love looking at all the “re-purposed” items on Pinterest, but it got me thinking. This really isn’t anything new. My generation has simply given this practice a fancy new name. My mom had said to me once, “I was ‘green’ before I even knew we needed to be.” She was always “re-purposing”, “re-using”, “up-cycling”. She would re-use (still does actually) a piece of aluminum foil until it could no longer be smoothed. She re-purposed my Dad’s old shirts into clothes-pin holders and dust clothes. She up-cycled our outgrown clothing into quilts or pillow-cases or patches. She cut buttons off of everything and re-used them on other items of clothing or re-purposed them for crafty projects. I could go on and on. She and her generation simply called it living wisely and stretching their budgets.

So, in the spirit of my very clever and thrifty mother, here’s my little “re-purposing” project.

An empty tissue box “re-purposed” to hold and easily distribute all those plastic grocery bags we bring home (I “re-use” mine for trash can liners because that’s what my mom always did). Have a great upcoming weekend!


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